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Agata Olejnik

Vi kan härmed presentera ett välkommet förvärv på damsidan.  Polska landslagslöparen Agata Olejnik har valt att representera gult, blått och vitt från och med 2020. Efternamnet kanske ringer en klocka, då hon är gift med Michal. Målen inför denna säsong är bland annat de stora stafetterna och världsmästerskapen i sprint. Vi låter henne presentera sig själv:

Where do you live and what do you do for a living at the moment?
I live in Poland and we (with Michal) are in the middle of moving from Gdynia at the seaside to Szklarska Poreba in the Karkonosze mountains which, I believe, is the best place in Poland to train orienteering and running in general. I’m lucky to be a soldier and my main duty is training and representing Poland in military champs. I’ve just got my master’s degree in psychology and now I’m fully into orienteering.

Why did you choose SNO and what are you looking forward the most to the in the club?
Well, my husband convinced me... ;) He’s always talking about the warm atmosphere in SNO which comes in parallel with professional orienteering preparations. That is mostly what I’m looking forward to.

What are your main goals for 2020?
Since I am a big fan of sprint orienteering, I can’t wait for this year’s world championships. Very important for me are also Military World Championships in Swiss Ticino. Last but not least, I’m looking forward to all the relays that are waiting for me, including Tiomila and Jukola which are always a great fun and a big challenge!

Which leg do you think would suit you at Tiomila?
I think best leg for me is the first or the third. I feel quite comfortable with the “rush" on the first and feel strong for the long one (no forkings is also an advantage ;)). I like to “use” other runners to keep good pace.

Welcome to SNO, Agata!