Måndag 22/4
OK Klemmingen-Södertälje IF
Tisdag 23/4
18:00 Teknikträning, Tuvängen
Onsdag 24/4
Torsdag 25/4
18:00 Tvetaträning med soppa och mac
Fredag 26/4
Lördag 27/4
Söndag 28/4
Måndag 29/4
Tisdag 30/4
Onsdag 01/5
Trosa skogslopp
Torsdag 02/5
18:00 Tvetaträning, soppa o mackor
Fredag 03/5
Swedish league sprint + nation
Lördag 04/5
Swedish league medel + natione
Söndag 05/5
Swedisk league lång + nationel


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20150729 JanaJana Knapova har skickat en hälsning inför VM.

My season has been quite good so far and my preparations towards the WOC went good. Basically no problems, just one injury, though I was lucky enough that it was nothing so serious. I was working hard in the training and preparation, trying to move many of the skills to the next level. For the past half year I decided to put my studies a bit aside and spent some time in Sweden, around Södertälje, and on training camps. I can feel it helped me a lot in my orienteering! Thanks for that opportunity! So I hope it will be seen in the coming WOC week.

WOC is a highlight of the season, the “mål“ you direct your efforts to, during the whole year. But it’s also top orienteering in nice terrains with challenging courses and great atmosphere.