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20151201Jana prisI helgen hade tjeckisk orientering galakväll. Jana mottog priset Årets orienterare i Tjeckien. Hennes främsta prestation under året var niondeplatsen på VM-medel i somras. Tereza Jánošíková som har anslutit till SNO inför 2016 blev framröstad till priset för Bästa ungdomslöpare.
Jonas Leandersson har blivit nominerad i den prestigefulla kategorin "årets manlige idrottare". Vinnare meddelas på idrottsgalan som hålls i Globen 25 januari och direktsänds i TV. 
Det är Jonas VMguld på sprinten som har gett Jonas en plats bland de fyra nominerade. De övriga är:
Zlatan Ibrahimovic, fotboll
Johan Olsson, skidor
Badou Jack, boxning
Jonas som i helgen är på landslagsläger i Göteborg är så klart glad över nomineringen och även lite överraskad. Det blir inte första gången i Globen för Jonas som förra året var noinerad i kategorin "Årets lag".
Läs mer på idrottsgalans hemsida.

20150729 VendulaI was very satisfied after selection races which took place in the north Bohemia in the end of June. I performed well – I was 2nd and 3rd in middle distance races, 1st in the long and I set my new personal best on 3 km track test! I waited for an official selection full of expectation and after an announcement I was extremely happy. I was selected to run middle and long at WOC for Czech Republic! 

I felt so proud that even though all issues I experienced during winter training, I managed to overcome them all. Well not just overcame. I managed to take the best from them and used them as my advantage (alternative training is also training,sometimes maybe even better than the running one).

After the selection I knew that the real work just started. 6 weeks till WOC sounded as plenty of time for proper specific running training. Firstly I took part in a 3days training camp of the Czech o-team in the north Bohemia. Area was the same as for selection, which meant mountain type of forest with lots of marshes, blueberries and sticks on a ground. Almost perfect for Scotland ;) 

Next week I spent at my grandma´s cottage doing lots of long running sessions plus cycling, basically. And I was looking forward another Czech o-team training camp, this time one week in Scotland. 

We were in Scotland once, last year in October. So I knew what to expect, but still it´s enormously important to run in the terrain right before WOC. We did few easy and few hard session, as usual on a training camp ;) What I gained the most from the camp was confidence about map. And also power in legs to run in that kind of hard terrain. 

This week in Scotland was the peak of my training. Next week I decided to go to Czech mountains to do final preparation, which consisted of few hard training and lots of resting. I was definitely a good choices to stay up there, because in lowlandswere crazy heats (37°C).

Right now I am on my way to Scotland for WOC. I am so excited!  It´s not my first WOC, but last year I ran only sprint. This year I am running forest disciplines I like much more. I hope I´ve done everything as I should in the preparation. At least I am feeling well and I am looking forward to all experience which is a good baseline, I think.

20150731AndreuMy goals for the world champs is being among the top 15 on the sprint final. My preparations went better than ever, so I'm in my best shape for the WOC.
I'm really looking forward to the competitions this weekend and I expecting great races here in forres and good challenges. Everything is ready, so let's make some fun.

20150729 JanaJana Knapova har skickat en hälsning inför VM.

My season has been quite good so far and my preparations towards the WOC went good. Basically no problems, just one injury, though I was lucky enough that it was nothing so serious. I was working hard in the training and preparation, trying to move many of the skills to the next level. For the past half year I decided to put my studies a bit aside and spent some time in Sweden, around Södertälje, and on training camps. I can feel it helped me a lot in my orienteering! Thanks for that opportunity! So I hope it will be seen in the coming WOC week.

WOC is a highlight of the season, the “mål“ you direct your efforts to, during the whole year. But it’s also top orienteering in nice terrains with challenging courses and great atmosphere.